Specialized S-Works Venge Dura-Ace Road Bike


Introducing possibly the stiffest, fastest, and most aerodynamic thing you’ll ever have between your legs. The S-Works Venge Dura-Ace Road Bike is one crazy-fast pedal-powered ride. The incredibly aerodynamic carbon frame lets you cut through the wind with minimal resistance. Saddle up on a sturdy Body Geometry Romin seat; Curved to the perfect angle to keep you low, help you pedal faster, and keep blood flowing to all of your most vital parts. The sleek look and aerodynamic design are enhanced by the hidden cables. No ugly brake cables running up and down the frame. They’re all kept out of sight and contained inside the tubing to cut down on the wind resistance and keep them from messing up the airflow around the frame. Roll around on a massive pair of Roval Rapide CLX 60 wheels… light, stiff, and, of course, aerodynamic. Put the pedal to the asphalt, and give it all you’ve got – the Venge is gonna stay firmly planted on the ground, even when you’re wrenching on the handles. If you want a ridiculously fast and super stiff ride, hop aboard a Venge and get ready to experience some serious speed.