G Pen Vaporizer


Pass the G Pen on the left-hand side. Even Bill Clinton would have inhaled if this is what is passed around the circle. The G Pen Vaporizer from Grenco Science makes it convenient and simple to puff, puff, and pass with a sleek style. Intended to be used with thick viscosity essential oils – ok, we’ll play along – the G Pen is perfect for all of your ‘essential oil’ smoking needs. It’s not intended to be used with any dried herbs so, remember, keep that parsley on the spice rack. The complete starter set includes everything you’ll need to charge, clean, and store your vaporizer. Recharge the battery with the wall adapter or USB charger. And, keep all of your favorite oils fresh in the glass storage containers. The included coil will last for about 6 weeks, depending on how much use it gets. Got a Snoop Dogg-sized appetite for ‘essential oils’? You may need to replace the coil a little more frequently. So crank up the Sublime, grab some munchies, and get ready to vaporize some sweet, sweet essential oil.