Herman Miller Mirra 2


Sit happens. And, it happens a lot – at home, at work, and even at play. Let’s face it, we put in a lot of miles sitting on our asses. Hard to believe, but sitting can actually be pretty hard on you. Mirra 2 is at the forefront of sitting technology, changing how you sit. New advancements in the materials and structure design keep your body aligned and supported. A limber hybrid structure shifts with you as you move, responding and adapting instantly. No matter how much junk you’re haulin’ around in that trunk, the leaf-spring seat lets you have a smooth and comfortable sit. Avoid batwing-ing your balls to your legs, and let them breathe with the ventilated seat design that lets air flow freely, no matter how long that meeting goes or how long you’re answering your ‘Call of Duty.’ Eight colors to choose from give you plenty of options, from basic black to lively lime. The new design uses a lot less stuff too – over 70% more recycled stuff than the original chair, cutting its carbon footprint by nearly a quarter. Show a little more love for the Earth, and be a little more responsible with your sit.