Hauser Waterproof Bag by Mission Workshop


Thirsty? Don’t worry, if… no, WHEN the Zombiepocalypse arrives, you’ll be ready… and hydrated. The 14 Liter Hauser Waterproof Bag is built solid to withstand the elements. It’ll last through a brutal zombie mauling, even if you don’t. And, it’s compatible with most hydration reservoirs, so if you’ve already got one, chances are it’ll fit. If you don’t have one, Mission Workshop can hook you up with that too. It can accommodate a 3L water reservoir, with plenty of room to spare for your other gear. And don’t be afraid of a little tinkling from Mother Nature. Your stuff’s gonna stay bone dry in this completely weatherproof bag. Four exterior pockets keep your things organized and accessible – keep your Zombie mace here. An added removable tool roll gives you even more space for even more stuff. It’s a compact package that’ll keep a ton of your gear on hand without having to lug around a big, cumbersome bag. And you won’t suffer from nasty back sweat while the perforated back panel and shoulder straps keep you nicely ventilated – yes, the zombies are staggering this way, but that’s no excuse to look sloppy in front of any single and ready to minglers. So get geared up for the inevitable, stick a Hauser in your mouth, and get hydrated.