Smokestack Outdoor Fire Pit


It’s gettin’ hot out hrrr! Forget about the kitchen… if you can take the heat, get outside and start splittin’ logs Paul Bunyan style. While the Dutch countryside may be sprawling with colorful tulips, urban Holland is a picture of industrialization and progress. It was here that Frederik Roijé found the inspiration behind his SmokeStack outdoor heater. Towering at 6 ½ feet, this garden heater takes its inspiration from the factory chimneys that dotted the Dutch urban landscape and filled Roijé’s childhood memories. He sees the chimney not only as a symbol of progress but also as an icon of warmth and safety. It’s made from Corten steel, which develops a striking copper tone and actually looks better the more weathered and worn it gets. Even though it’s replicated after a scaled-down factory model, the SmokeStack doesn’t have the same cold and soulless feel of a factory. It’s actually a warm and welcoming heater, perfect for staying warm on chilly evenings, roasting marshmallows, and toasting your buns. A blast from the past, it’s re-purposed with an updated function and modern design. You’ll have the biggest ‘stack’ on the block, guaranteed!