Best Made All-Purpose First Aid Kit


Snap on a pair of rubber gloves, slip into your sexy scrubs and get ready to play doctor. Whether you’re at home, in the garage, or at the cabin, you’re bound to do something worthy of a Darwin Award. Be prepared for the inevitable disregard of your better judgment… and the resulting bruising, breaking, or cutting off a part of yourself. Best Made has created its all-purpose Metal First Aid Kit specifically with outdoorsmen in mind. It’s simple, sturdy, and portable. Your supplies are kept safe and dry in the durable dust and moisture-resistant metal exterior. And, it’s got all of the first aid necessities you may need – OSHA-certified and US Forest Service-approved. Everything comes neatly packed and clearly labeled. At just over 3 lbs, it’s light enough to carry with you on a hiking or camping trip. But, if you want to have one around the house, just in case, keep it at hand and easy to access by securing it to the wall with the hanging brackets. It’s actually a pretty cool-looking thing to keep on display, and a practical piece of gear to have around. Next time you’re injured by a regrettable decision, at least you’ll have your fancy schmancy first aid kit by your side.