Phantom 2 Vision +


It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no, it’s a flying camera! Seriously. The Phantom 2 Vision + gives you an unbelievable perspective from above that you’ve never before had. Trust me, you’re going to have the craziest selfies anyone has seen. See everything from a completely new point of view as you extend your vision and navigate above and beyond. The Phantom is not only reasonably priced for what it can do, but it’s so easy to fly that you won’t need a pilot’s license to get airborne. Shoot high resolution or Adobe Raw photos, or full HD video with a super-wide, medium or narrow field of view. And shoot forward, straight down, and all around with the full 90-degree tilt axis. Flight controllers keep the quad-copter camera stable through bumpy piloting or rough winds. Let go of the controller, and it’ll hover in place, right where you leave it. The equally cool remote lets you see exactly what the camera is seeing. In a hurry to share your pics? Download your photos and videos to your phone and share them through social media while you’re the camera is still in the air. And, if your Phantom is straying a little too far out of your range, the ‘Return-to-home’ will automatically activate and safely land the camera where it took off. Just think of the possibilities for breathtaking pictures and videos that were, until now, so impossibly out of reach.