Tubecore DUO


This is the stuff an audiophile’s wet dreams are made of! It’s hardcore HiFi sound for the uncompromising music aficionado. With a vintage-inspired look, Tubecore DUO is a one-of-a-kind creation. It’s a lean, mean, streaming machine – it can stream everything from everywhere. Play music from your phone, stream videos to your HD tv or even play games… DUO does it all. It’s a WiFi-enabled, tube-powered Bluetooth speaker that will open up your media sources to a world of endless possibilities. Booming bass and pitch-perfect sound play from every source with the same quality and power of true analog HiFi. With the turn of one knob, you’ll have control over volume, input, and preferences – or create your own custom controls. Duo’s design was created to be and remains open-source, while the embedded computer can actually be modified, hacked, or upgraded. While you’re upgrading the insides of your DUO, give the outside a facelift too. Change up the magnetic speaker cover to one of 10 standard or 27 custom colors. Keeping your multimedia simple, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on sound, quality or awesomeness. Tubecore DUO gives you everything your little media-loving heart desires, all while keeping things uncomplicated.