Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Forged Irons


Faster, longer, and straighter – get some serious control of your balls! Nike’s new VR_S Covert Forged Irons are contoured and weighted to help you execute longer, higher, and straighter shots. Now, you could either spend the time and effort working on improving your game… OR, you could pick up a set of these, and see an instant improvement in each of your shots. Reengineered club faces and new groove technology are designed to send your balls into orbit, spinning faster and flying higher. Far-flying balls are given an extra boost by the thinner, no-weld sole design. Grab a hold of the Nike Tour Wrap 2G grips for unmatched control. Carbon steel is precision-forged, providing lightweight strength and lifting your game to the next level… even if your ‘game’ includes a case of beer and double bogeying your way through 18 holes. The eight-piece grouping includes the #4-iron through to A-wedge and would make a welcome addition to any golf bag.