Meze Classics

meze 88 classics

Do you like music, or do you love music? For those who truly love their music and demand high-quality sound from their equipment, may we present the Meze Classics Headphones? Yeah, they look amazing, but just wait until you experience the warm, natural sound that comes, in part, thanks to the handsomely finished, hand-carved, ebony wood housing. Meze is a company with a passion for pure sound and a love for lasting design quality. Every detail of these headphones has been considered to give you the ultimate listening enjoyment. The dual-sided, ergonomic headband automatically adjusts to your head size for a perfect fit and the ear cushions are well-padded to block external noise and extend your listening comfort. No matter what your musical preference, you’ll appreciate the bass definition, warm mid-range, and clear high end of the exceptional Meze 88 Classics Headphones. Put down the earbuds and experience your music the way it was meant to be heard.