Cocoon Tree Bed

cocoon tree bed

We may have never outgrown our love for a cool tree house, but the Cocoon Tree just has a big round bed inside… so really it’s more like a tree sex ball, which is a big improvement over Kool-Aid and splinters in your ass, but we’re still bringing our comics. It’s a full 3-meters in diameter, so you can stretch out and play Tarzan in the kind of comfort only money can buy. It’s waterproof, has mosquito netting in the windows, and is made of strong T6 aluminum, with riggings that support a weight resistance of up to 1.6 tons each. If you and the “little” woman weigh more than that, or if you’re a bit of a pussy about heights, it comes with adaptable feet for ground installation. There’s also a cabana version that we like to call sex on the beach, but that’s just our one-track mind talking.