Ninja Throwing Knives

ninja throwing knives

For most of you, this is likely a bad idea, but how can it really be bad when it feels so right? Everything is better with ninjas. That’s just an indisputable fact. You’re already a legend in your own mind, so take it right over the top by learning to throw these nicely weighted Ninja Stealth Throwing Knives. Real ninjas conceal these knives on their bodies, but this set of three comes with a handy nylon case, so you don’t open an artery while you’re traveling with them. Impress your friends and worry your neighbors, what a great idea. The “Bansenshukai” is a collection of ninja knowledge written in 1676 which states that a successful ninja uses but one tool for multiple tasks. So, go ahead, cut your steak with them, shave with them, open cans, or use them to clean under your nails and you will soon become a true, Ninja master.