Fiskars Unbreakable Hatchet

fiskars unbreakable hatchet

More power, with less work for you. That’s what this perfect little hatchet is all about. This design won the International Red Dot “best of the best” product design award in its category and it really lives up to its extreme performance claims. A virtually unbreakable hatchet you can really count on, it’s the perfect size to strap on your pack and use to clear brush, chop kindling, and small logs. The exceptionally sharp blade – seriously – has a low-friction coating that powers through jobs, chopping up to three times deeper than a traditional axe with every swing. It’s beautifully balanced and the power-weight ratio multiplies the power of your swing, sort of like an aluminum baseball bat does. The insert-molded axe head will never loosen or fly off and the FiberComp handle is stronger than steel. Fiskars Unbreakable Hatchet will never let you down and will easily become one of your favorite tools. Go forth and chop.