Under Armour Super Hero Baselayer

underarmor superhero baselayer

If you’re all steroids and have nothing to wear, you need an Under Armour Super Hero compression shirt for the sheer, show-off glory of it all. And, if you prefer your physique a little less bulky, also known as “I prefer to lie on the couch with a beer over lifting heavy things”, then the Hulk shirt has some fine green abs built right in, to help you out. Seriously though, you can imagine you’re kicking some villainous butt during practice, while your shirt wicks away sweat, helps keep you drier, and cooler, and gives your muscles an extra boost that improves recovery time. We’re talking 4-way stretch fabric and chafe-free seams for sensitive types, plus the anti-odor technology means you’ll stink less, which will make your girlfriend happy. A little superhero role-play may also make your girlfriend happy… Pick up more than one and let all of your alter-egos come out to play.