Makerbot Replicator Mini

makerbot replicator mini

Screw you Kinder Egg, we’re making our own toys from now on… and they’re going to help us take over the world (insert evil laugh here). The Makerbot Replicator Mini is an amazing way to get started with 3D printing and a perfect way for professionals to test their concepts before graduating to larger 3D printers. Makerbot bets that this is the machine and price point that will help take 3D printing to the mainstream, in homes and classrooms. This baby has swept up a lot of awards for best new product and editor’s choice in multiple shows and publications and is finally ready to ship. Makerbot has been at this for a while now and the Replicator Mini contains powerful fifth-generation technology, setting a new standard for ease of use, quality, and reliability. This is plug-and-play technology with a free app that helps you design cool things with no experience or 3D skills necessary, or you can also buy models to print from their digital store. It creates models from Makerbot PLA filament, which comes in different colors but is also paintable. It’s just like regular printing: pull up what you want to print, send the file, and hit a button to start the process. It’s cloud-enabled too, for simple workflow and Wi-Fi connectivity, so all-in-all, you’re going to appear far more competent than you are. You just know people are going to create some weird shit with this thing… now excuse us while we go do just that.