Grenade Coffee Mug

grenade coffee mug1

Feeling a little explosive lately? Give ’em fair warning with this Grenade Take A Number mug. It’s big, so it will hold all the caffeine you can handle – well actually, it holds 12 oz. so if you need more, get off your lazy ass for a refill – and with this at your side, you’ll now have a perfectly valid reason to shit all over anyone who dares to ignore the “wisdom of the mug”. Now, be careful with this one. Though we think that “the first person to complain gets it” message states the full gravity of your position, you’re still almost certain to become even more popular with this on your desk at work. Perhaps you’d like to wow your new audience with some facts. For example, the word “grenade” is from a French word for “small explosive shell” which was likely derived from the Old French word “pomegranate” because of the resemblance. You see, if trying to offer a tongue-in-cheek warning through your morning coffee doesn’t work, you can simply bore them to death with interesting facts. Oh… and whatever you do… do not, we repeat do NOT buy this for the woman in your life as a joke. We saw it happen and it wasn’t pretty.