RYNO Motorcycle

ryno motorcycle

“Half the bike, twice the fun”… so say the makers of the incredible one-wheeled, electric-powered, RYNO Motorcycle. Like something right out of a sci-fi flick, this thing is amazing and they promise that with just a little practice, anyone can ride it as easily as riding a bike. Obviously, they don’t know some of the people that we know, but we digress. RYNO keeps you from falling by helping with a backward and forward gyroscopic sensor balance system; you just manage the side-to-side balance. Less than half the length of your bicycle, it pivots 360 degrees on a vertical axis (oh yeah) and can go anywhere indoors or out. In your building’s elevator for example – that’ll make the neighbors stare. All this brilliance started when a 13-year-old girl in Oregon asked her auto industry engineer father if it was possible to build a one-wheeled motorcycle as she’d seen in a videogame. Seven years and three prototypes later, the world’s first “one-wheeled, ultra-efficient, urban personal transportation device” is in production. RYNO uses advanced motion-sensor technology to detect even subtle input from the rider and responds; lean forward to accelerate up to a top speed of 10 mph, and backward to slow, or stop. There is a stop assist lever for quick stops. The low-maintenance electric motor offers a minimal carbon footprint too. Nine million people have watched the YouTube video, so this guy has really set the bar for Dads everywhere. You’d better buy your kid a car… this guy designed a whole new type of transportation for his daughter.