Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

fimbulvetr snowshoes

Imagine the ability to walk on snow like never before. To bound across the surface with an incredibly natural walking style. Talk about freedom and the sudden desire for an extreme weekend adventure! Leave it to the Norwegians to bring high-tech to snowshoes. These are so cool that they even make those guys who usually stay home and mate with their couch all winter start considering a snowy expedition. Yeah, you know who you are. Of course, they really did this for you crazy-ass, hardcore winter enthusiasts. Fimbulvetr means “The Great Winter” in Old Norse and you’re going to love their snowshoes, which are unlike any other ever made. In fact, they won the ISPO Hardware Winter Award in 2014. They used 3D modelling to perfect the asymmetrical design, which relies on an amazing, patented, ergonomic, multi-direction hinge binding to deliver even weight distribution, allowing you to move naturally for a uniquely smooth, “floating on the snow” feeling. They’re made from Dupont Hytrel, a strong, but feather-light, flexible, thermoplastic material that also happens to be recyclable. Just go watch the video. You’ll be salivating over these in no time and breaking out the winter camping gear. Remote locations, you will be ours.