Hekk Handcrafted Hookah

hekk handcrafted hookah

Okay, the story is that the creator – a self-proclaimed “mad hookah lover” got the idea for an ultra-portable traveling hookah during a snowboarding trip to Southern Estonia in 2007. SOLD! No seriously, isn’t that enough for you already? The guy had the burning desire to smoke a hookah on the mountain, in the forest, or at the beach, plus he was tired of his traditional hookah falling over and ruining his carpet – such a bother really – so the unbreakable, unspillable Hekk was born. These are handmade wooden boxes that hold an aluminum water bottle that connects to a hose and a clay bowl, which uses a coal puck to heat the tobacco, or other herbal delights, for your smoking pleasure. The boxes are stained in a choice of colors and come with a handy shoulder strap so that you can even smoke while on the move, really. Check out their video of people smoking while snowboarding… you just have to respect that sort of hookah love. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em… anywhere.