Danish Fuel’s Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

danish fuels jerry can

And from the insanely cool files, we bring you the Jerry Can Bar Cabinet, by Danish Fuel. This is where you keep the good stuff boys, tucked away for those, “I am every action hero that ever lived” moments in your life. There are times when only an overpriced whiskey or cognac will do and this is an inspired place to store them, along with the good glasses. These are made from recycled old Jerry Cans, some of them dating from WW2. They’re precision cut with a grinding machine, sandblasted, and newly powder coated, in a choice of colors, before the ash and walnut shelves and extras are added. We’re talking handcrafted artistry – no two are alike – made to order in Denmark. Jerry Cans have a well-thought-out design and were originally made with three handles so that one or two people could carry them. What this means to you is that this baby is portable, even if it only ever makes it out to your deck. Danish Fuel also makes bathroom cabinets and suitcases on wheels from these things if you want to Jerry Can your whole life. Though that will most likely cause the “freak radar” alert to go off with the ladies…