Colorful Bow Ties

Bowyer & Fletcher Bow Ties

Yeah, your cool graphic tees are great and all, but sometimes, a little dash of dapper is a good thing. If you’re man enough to handle the kind of classic statement a bow tie makes, you can’t do better than a colorful bow tie. A well-placed bow tie takes elegance to the next level with unique designs in fine wool, silk, and cotton from around the world. Bonus points if they’re handcrafted by artisans to score big points on the snobbery scale, for when you’re dragged out to that next horrible gallery opening. And, if you prefer to take your fashion cues from celebrities, James Franco, Kobe Bryant, Robert Downey Junior, and Kanye West, have all been spotted rocking the bow tie. And James Bond of course. Bow ties are always a sophisticated choice for every international spy. So stop being so boring, take your style up a notch, and go find a suitable Bond girl to match your new bow tie.