Breath Alcohol Monitor

lapka breath alcohol monitor1

Life just keeps getting weirder and technology is keeping up brilliantly, but the Lapka BAM really is an intriguingly odd idea. It asks the question, “What are our brains doing when we’re drinking?” – besides rolling about in the gutter of course. Their story invites you to join the world in a new kind of drinking game. The Lapka BAM is an accessory that connects through a free app on your Android and iOS devices, allowing you to track your alcohol metabolism over time and compare measurements with friends. It also explains your state – “Eased feelings, extroversion, the perfect storm”, so if you’re trying to behave, it’s a good way to check yourself. Data is exchanged wirelessly, no synchronization is required and to activate the app, you just connect and blow – yes, that’s what she said. Lapka BAM is black ceramic, just over 2” long and when you hold it in your fist, the edge of your hand becomes the mouthpiece. Simple and sanitary too. It measures precisely through built-in computations and algorithms – go read about it. The hilarious part is that the app adjusts to your level of debauchery. The more drunk you are, the more simple the screen display becomes. And, when you really overdo it, Lapka sends a message to check on you the next morning, so you can start your hangover with a little love.