D16 Cinema Camera

D16 cinema camera

And, for the creative men, the guys with vision, passion, and a story to tell… now you can more boldly go forth and create your independent film for less, with the impressive D16 Cinema Camera. Because, once upon a time independent filmmakers could use 16mm film, which was relatively inexpensive compared to 35mm, but much better than consumer-grade Super 8. Digitally speaking though, to improve on the consumer-grade camcorders costs really BIG bucks in the upgrade department… until now that is. The D16 has emerged from a successful Kickstarter campaign, offering unrivaled image quality for its class, in partnership with Bolex International. It looks like a classic camera but records professional HD video at either 2048 x 1152 or 1080p resolution with 12 stops of dynamic range. The frame rate adjusts to 32fps and it records in 12-bit CinemaDNG uncompressed raw format for easier post-production manipulation and big-screen projection. An interchangeable lens mount also fits traditional Bolex and C-mount lenses. This thing does a lot, so please, go geek out over all the details, on site. Lastly, the cool retro movie camera look of the D16 may inspire you to consider recreating some 70’s porn, but we beg you to resist. Those mustaches still give us nightmares (and the ones on the guys were even worse).