Brabus G800 iBusiness


It’s one part Mercedes, ten parts holy shit. Move over Xzibit…This is one seriously pimped ride! Taking its design inspiration from the Mercedes Benz G65, the Brabus 800 offers German engineering, luxurious style… and is only about ten thousand times sweeter than its comparatively duller counterpart. A massive 12-cylinder engine is housed under the hood, helping this beast reach speeds of 100km/hour in just 4.2 seconds. It rides on 23” alloy rims and an electronically adjustable suspension system with shock absorbers. But, the interior is where the real wow factor is… the built-in backseat entertainment system will keep your ass parked in that seat for hours after your road trip has ended. This thing is fully loaded with a bushel full of Apple products, including an iPod, iPad, Apple Mac mini, Apple TV, plus an in-car hot spot, and kickass sound system and subwoofer. It’s wrapped in leather from doors to floors. And no sticky leather seats for your fancy ass – opt for vented seats to keep your cheeks chilled. Oh, and don’t forget about the built-in fridge to keep stocked full of sustenance while you spend the next undetermined amount of time living in here. With a ride this incredible, who needs a house?