Adirondack Rocker

adirondack rocker

Cradle your ass in eco-friendly comfort and style. This ain’t your grandma’s rocker. Made from 416 milk jugs, each sleek, minimalist designed chair comes with a built in bottle opener, curved or straight back, and is comfy enough that you won’t need to pad it with a cushion. It’s made from recycled plastic, which means it doesn’t need the same seasonal maintenance that regular wooden furniture would require. No sanding, no refinishing, no painting. Oh, thank the lord, cause we all know we weren’t going to do that shit anyway! Just hose it down, and you’re done. Now we can get back to making use of that built-in bottle opener. And, even though it’s made of plastic, this is not a little flimsy patio chair. Tipping the scale at over 50 pounds, this chair will not easily be budged. The choice is yours when it comes to color. You’ve got your choice of ten – from shocking sky blue to soft and subdued sand. Plus, nearly every single fastener is hidden, so all you’ll see is a smooth, sleek surface. So take a load off, and sit that piece of plywood you call an ass down in this cozy rocker.