Ugly Christmas Sweater

merry christmas ya filthy animal

Because we love you man… here is a sweater to thrill and delight the crowds at your in-laws’ place this Christmas. A sweet sentiment from the “Angels With Dirty Faces” parody in “Home Alone 2” offers good festive cheer to all you meet, screaming, “MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL” in finely knitted uppercase. This comfortable (for you), 100% cotton sweater truly has it all. The frolicking reindeer, the scattered little snowflakes… or maybe they’re hearts… or they could even be Space Invaders men… it’s hard to tell, but they’re certainly charming. Even more exciting, it’s available in a shocking red or an unsettling green, so you’ll blend in nicely with the sparkling holiday décor. Never forget that you’re special too. Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving and start a holiday tradition that you alone can enjoy year, after year. You’re welcome!