Slate Mobile AirDesk

slate mobile airdesk

Ahhh, there’s nothing like the smell of a freshly funded Kickstarter project to get the money burning a hole in your pocket. Speaking of which, if you, like us, have had enough of your laptop burning up your balls, check out the new, Slate Mobile AirDesk, hand-built in Arizona. These guys have a killer idea and most people we know would like to get their hands on this. Slate is cut from a block of ultra-lightweight, premium bamboo, hand-sanded and polished until it feels like glass. The chiseled air ventilation holes under the laptop allow heat to escape and any excess heat is absorbed by the bamboo, which is better for your computer and your future children. It has a heavy-duty, inset mouse pad that sits flush, plus a display dock with a cable slot that fits most phones and mini tablets on the market. It’s a true, well-balanced mobile desk, designed to fit laptops from 13” to 17” and you can order it for left or right-handed use. Working from your recliner just got SO much easier.