Track N Go Wheel Driven Track System

track n go ski track system

Who needs a snowmobile? We’re thinking that staying warm in the truck cab with a coffee and some tunes blasting as we speed across the frozen tundra sounds much less freakin’ cold. Only maybe it’s more like farmer’s fields and if we take the wheel, you’re going to spill that coffee because we believe that big-ass snowbanks must be conquered. Check out the incredible Track N Go – the first ever wheel-driven track system for pickup trucks – and let your imagination run wild along with us. They’re like mini snowmobiles for your tires. Created by the innovative AD Boivin company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for vehicles on snow, this amazing pneumatic track system installs on all four tires in less than 15 minutes, with no modifications to your vehicle. They say they work beautifully even in deep snow, but also in sand, making Track N Go more than a one-season trick pony, so we can rip it up in the dunes too. Of course, these have practical applications for companies with fleet vehicles that need to be on the road even in heavy snow, for farmers, ranchers, and all sorts of people who need their vehicles to make it across tough terrain. The price includes ramps and extras like mountable anti-diving snow deflectors. How many websites do you come across that have an “action videos” tab? This one does and you should watch them. Suddenly, you have a great excuse to buy a pickup truck.