La Fonction no. 1 Mobile Workstation

la fonction no 1

Calling all fine, young executives, worldly entrepreneurs, and free-range artistic types. You need to work while you’re mobile; on planes, trains, and inexpensive little coffee shops which always offer a great excuse to eat pastry. But, doesn’t it piss you off the way that the dregs of humanity feel free to openly stare at your screen and read over your shoulder? Plus it’s tough to get comfortable and juggle everything you need on your lap. If this sounds like you, save up your pesos and treat yourself to something really special for a change – La Fonction no. 1. What appears to be just a great-looking leather laptop satchel is actually a fully functioning, fold-out mobile workstation; a moveable desk that conveniently holds all your stuff and has side “blinders” to protect you from glare and block all your nosey neighbors. Take back your privacy and minimize distractions. The incredible design spent 2 years in development. Each is created on request, handmade, stitched in the tradition of the great French leather workers and made to last. Sometimes you just have to go for it. You deserve this.