Coin Card

Okay, consider our minds officially blown as we send a grateful shout-out to the tech Gods who created Coin. It’s an amazing little piece of technology the same size as a credit card that you can load with every bank, credit, and annoying points reward card that you use and then carry only Coin, which accesses them all. Yes, seriously. You connect with Coin using an app on your smartphone and use the included swiper unit, to swipe and load your cards to your phone. Then, you touch a button on Coin to choose which card you want to use and swipe it, just like you would any card. We’re talking complete wallet freedom here. It also locks itself to protect your information and if, say after a little too much fun at the bar one night, you leave Coin behind, your phone sets off an alarm to tell you it’s lost contact with Coin, so you can haul your drunken ass back to retrieve it. Your smartphone really is going to be smarter than you soon. We all knew the day would come.