Jellyfish Tank

jellyfish tank

Having a fish tank in your living room is pretty cool; however, for the ultimate curiosity factor, check out this amazing Jellyfish Tank. Yes, for real, actual jellyfish. Winner of the 2011 Best Product of the Year at the Global Pet Expo, the desktop jellyfish tank includes everything you need to get started and has some very cool features. First of all, let’s just say that though jellies are as easy to care for as regular aquarium fish are, you can’t be a lazy-ass and expect healthy jellyfish. If you can feed them daily, do a partial water change/saline check each week and clean the tank monthly, then read on. The efficient 6-gallon design has a “whisper quiet” air pump, provides all biological filtration needs and has color-changing, full-spectrum LEDs that make your jellyfish glow, all with no visible wires. Set this badass tank up in your house, condo, or apartment and impress your friends when they catch a glimpse. Sorry goldfish.