Hand Forged Meat Cleaver

Meat Clever

This cleaver is so awesome it creates instant desire, even in those who rarely venture into the kitchen! This is one serious, hand-forged, high-performance tool that will serve you well for many years to come. We’re talking triple-tempered, high carbon steel, hand ground and sanded down to a satiny smooth finish. A red oak handle with copper pins adds beauty to the functionality and the hand-stitched leather sheath completes the package perfectly. It’s beautifully balanced and feels great in your hand when chopping meat and veggies for the grill. Of course, it’s occurred to us that the balanced weight may also make it a good throwing tool… just a note for the aspiring magicians out there. But seriously, our hand-forged meat cleaver easily rivals the high-end cleavers you’ll find at cooking stores in both performance and toughness. Buy it. Love it. Hey, chicks dig a man that can cook, right? If you’re going to pick up a knife in the kitchen, it should be this one. 5” blade, 5” handle.