Game Golf Digital Tracking System

game golf digital tracking system

In the never-ending quest to make golf seem more cool and edgy than it really is, may we present the Game Golf Digital Tracking System? It says it has everything you need in order to enter a new realm of golfing. A new realm… like a parallel universe maybe where golf is actually fascinating. But we digress and hey, hi there all you men-of-men who love your golf. This really is a comprehensive system, designed to capture details about your game, from which club you used, to the length of your drive and much more, then displays it as a dynamic app interface with stats to keep you hard for days. Professional golfers use a multitude of different data to help them study and improve their game and now you can have a little of that magic for yourself. A small pack attaches to your belt and communicates with tags you add to the handle of each club. Game Golf captures all your statistics during the game and monitors trends over time so you can critically review your overall gameplay. Best of all, there’s no information for you to enter while on the course, you just set the system and play. You can even compete and share your rounds, stats, records, and more with the GAME community and your friends on social media. Check out the video on their site. If anything can make golf fun, we’ve got our money on this one.