Shelfie Bike Mount


Sometimes the simplest ideas are some of the coolest, and leave you pondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” More and more people these days are choosing to hang up their car keys and slap a bike seat under their ass. Gas is costing an arm and a leg nowadays – just ask Lance Armstrong what it cost him before he became a cycling convert… but don’t ask him how he kept that Schwinn speedin’! The problem with bikes is that they take up space. Space is something that lots of people just don’t have. Enter Shelfie…the simple, yet ingenious, creation of German-born Jurgen Beneke. He actually created it for himself but got so many requests for them that he knew he was on to something. See, Beneke loves bikes. But, he needed a place to put his bikes. He found a wall mount for this bike, and a mount for that one, but no single mount would fit all of them. So, he made Shelfie to be a universal fit! The contemporary design looks awesome even without a bike hanging from it. It’s got space for your helmet – safety first – and anything else you need for your ride. Even two bikes hung with the Shelfie only takes up wall space of 7 feet across and 8 feet high. And even though it uses fossil fuels to manufacture, Beneke insists that it’s green. More people using Shelfie = more people with easy access to bikes… and less access to lame excuses for using cars.