John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Mower

John Deere Tango E5

There’s just no way we’re ever going to be able to look at this as anything but a big lawn Roomba. The truth is, John Deere has just made maintaining a golf green quality lawn a lot easier. Their Tango E5 delivers fully autonomous mowing, kind of like hiring an invisible teenager, except that the E5 is extremely quiet. Despite this, we’re betting it will scare the hell out of the squirrels, which is a bonus that isn’t listed on their website. They do say you’ll “Be the envy of your neighbors” and we believe them. John Deere green with envy. The Tango works on lawns up to 1800 square meters. Any bigger and you have every excuse to buy a sweet lawn tractor. A dealer specialist installs a pre-set boundary wire that can work around flower beds or other obstacles in your yard and the mower operates randomly within the boundary. The cutting height is adjustable from 19-102mm and it’s loaded with safety features; from instant stop buttons to sensors that shut the power off if it’s tilted more than 20 degrees. Tango runs on a long-life Li-Ion battery and automatically returns to its charging station when the batteries are running low, to recharge itself. And you can’t even get your dog to come when you call. It’s your new, must-have toy… or “tool” for the summer. We’re guys… same thing.