Gentleman’s Apron

Gentlemans Apron

Okay, so not that there’s anything wrong with that filthy old sweatshirt you like to wear when you’re fixing or building things, but aren’t you a little tired of wondering where the hell you put your tape measure as you pick up the pencil that fell out from behind your ear again? Get it together and save your clothes, plus maybe a little of your sanity by keeping all the necessary tools close at hand, with the well-thought-out, Gentleman’s Apron. Made from durable waxed canvas with four genuine leather pockets and an adjustable leather neck strap, this apron has a well-organized layout and special strapping to hold a hammer and even to rescue that pencil from your ear. This would be a great option for artists and gardeners too. It should be noted that the Gentleman’s Apron does not require you to behave like a gentleman.