BBCO Sailboat Kit

bbco sailboat kit

Attention Men of Purpose… your next amazing challenge has arrived and it blows the doors off of those “boat in a bottle” kits. Why not build your own full-size, freakin’ ten-foot sailboat this month? Really… it’s not like you have something better to do and this is a project that ends in a real, sea-worthy sailboat – built by you. Those are some bragging rights with credentials, right there. The Balmain Boat Company has a perfect, simple, DIY kit that they’ll ship right to your door. They claim that anyone, anywhere can build a boat, but we know better and suggest that if you are confused by build-it-yourself furniture then you should probably plan this with a friend. They send everything you need for the build; from the precision-cut pieces, sail, and mast down to the screws, nails, and glue. You supply the hammer, drill, caulking gun, and about 30 hours of your time (including sealant drying time), and then “poof” you have a boat and years of enjoyment ahead. Paint it, name it, get a hot chick to spray champagne all over it, and get out there on the big blue. Put down the remote and do something incredible with your time for a change.