Kai Wasabi Knives

Wasabi Knives

A real man needs a real knife, plain and simple. Wasabi Kitchen Knives from KAI are serious knives that make cooking easier. With their line of Japanese cutlery, you can chop like a pro, even if you’re new to the kitchen. Each knife features a durable handle made from either heavy-duty polypropylene plastic or an eco-friendly bamboo and polypropylene blend. The Daido 1K6 high-carbon with stainless steel blades is the latest innovation in cutlery design and can cut through anything, including chicken bones. Guaranteed to retain their sharpness use after use, Wasabi Kitchen Knives are even stylish with their embellished logos. Quit taking girls out to restaurants and try impressing them with your knife skills; you’re closer to the bedroom if you stay at home.