Jetlev Flyer


I have a close friend who actually believes he is part super-hero so I hope he doesn’t see this unbelievable piece of technology. The team over at Jetlev have fine-tuned their water-propelled jetpack so while you may not be able to fight off evil villains like Ironman, you can have a hell of a lot of fun. Jetlev Technologies says most people can learn to fly solo with just a few minutes of in-water instruction thanks to their simple fly-by-wire digital control system. Your thrusters are controlled by a twist of the grip, and moving the control arms changes the angle of the nozzles to allocate thrust for lift as well as propulsion forward, neutral, or reverse. Designed for both fresh and salt water, the Jetlev is being picked up by holiday resorts to rent as a recreational device. It’s ease of use and safety features (use over water, backrest, head support, permanent floatation, and quick-release harness) make this an awesome adventure to put on your to-do list, just look at the video. Just don’t let your wife catch you calling her Pepper Potts.